Unbeatable flavor, from farm to table.

            Ice Cream King

            Food and beverages to feed minds and souls.

            Eating and drinking shouldn’t be all function and no flavor. We’re proud that we don’t just bring nutrition to lives – wherever we can, we bring joy.

            From delicious flavored milk to spectacular ice cream and frozen treats, our signature products are some of the most beloved brands in the U.S. So while we’re fueling healthy bodies, we’re also feeding the moments that make a life worth living, from family meals to parties and special celebrations.

            A natural way to improve well-being

            Shake up your diet

            With our wholesome flavored milks, you’ll get all the natural goodness of milk – with the lifestyle benefit of a delicious, fun taste that’s loved by children and adults alike. We call it a permissible indulgence.

            Put your mood on ice

            Nothing transforms well-being like ice cream, from frozen cakes to sundae cups. It’s the ultimate treat when you’re celebrating and the perfect way to end a great meal.

            Dip into dairy

            When you’re getting together with friends, make sure dairy is on the guest list. From chips and dips to sour cream, dairy gives you a snack full of goodness.

            Mother Nature’s logistics team

            We’re proud to be the biggest direct-to-store distributor of dairy products in the US.

            We purchase
            of the US's milk
            We donate
            1 gallon
            of milk every 13 seconds
            cows produce our milk
            We delivered
            half-pints of fresh milk to schools in 2016

            A healthy future

            Beyond enriching lives, we believe Dean Foods can play an important role in enriching communities, good causes and the environment.

            Environmental sustainability

            We’re driven to do right by the environment by committing to large-scale sustainability efforts.

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            Social responsibility

            From dairy stewardship to employee safety, the goodness goes far beyond the products we sell.

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            Corporate philanthropy

            Through the Dean Foods Foundation, we take our responsibility to communities seriously.

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